All day, all over the world, millions of people are searching the internet for products, services, businesses, and general information. Circular mailers or Yellow Pages are no longer effective ways to find local businesses as it used to be decades ago. Today, it’s search engines like Google, Super pages, City Search, Yelp, and other platforms that connect businesses with locals.

If your businesses are nowhere to be seen or found when potential customers search online, you’re likely to lose or fail. The good news is that you can position your business on the map and improve your visibility with local SEO services. At Next Up SEO, we specialize in helping businesses improve their visibility, build their online presence, and definitely increase their market share. With our Local SEO Services, you can expect more people in your local city to find your business, which means you’ll have more traffic walking in your business’s door.

Local SEO vs. Regular SEO

Does your SEO Company the difference between local-search visibility and regular SEO? That’s a question you should probably ask before working with someone promising to deliver fast-ranking results on search engines. If your local SEO Company doesn’t understand the difference between these two, you might be working with the wrong person. Don’t listen to an SEO Company that doesn’t understand the difference or tries to explain how they can meet your needs and deliver the results you want without focusing on your local US City or Community.

When optimizing a business website for search engines, whether you’re doing it for local search, national or global, the goal usually is to generate more leads. However, Local SEO focuses on delivering relevant results based on your current business location. It allows you to promote your products and services to potential customers in your local City when they’re searching and looking for them. It’s all about improving or increasing your business’s search visibility in your community.

If your potential customers are in your local City or community, Local SEO should be part of your marketing strategy. Search engines have since put greater emphasis on providing users with the most relevant local results which mean businesses with a complete Local SEO plan are the ones that will be found easily and quickly.

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Our Local SEO Services

If your small business or company seems to be struggling to rank highly in your local city or community, the SEO experts at Next Up SEO can help! We know your business depends on getting local customers who use the products or services you provide. Our highly skilled and experienced SEO professionals, website designer and developers, programmers, and content writers will improve your visibility and ensure you can be found online easily and quickly.

We understand that every business is different and unique and, as a business owner, you likely don’t have the time to work on your local rankings. Why not let us handle your local rankings so you can focus on other important aspects of your business and ensure customer satisfaction? Our team of experts will help you create a local visibility than not only improves your rankings but positions your business for natural rankings growth over time.

We’re committed to consistently delivering great results to our clients. Our local SEO campaign covers several areas, including:

Website Audit and Competition Research

Our team of SEO specialists and programmers will extensively go over your business website and analyze its HTML, on-page optimization and more. The goal is to ensure your website is well structured and search engines like Google can crawl and index it without any problems. We will provide a detailed report containing all the issues that may need re-designing or fixing.

Along with the website audit, we will do an extensive research on your competition to find out what they are doing correctly or getting wrong. This will help us develop our strategies so we can stay ahead of them.

Local Keyword Research

Our goal here is to identify buyer intent. We work with you to determine the specific keyword phrases your target audience is searching for with the intention of finding or purchasing the products you provide. We carefully study your competition at this point so we can know and understand the different keywords their sites could be raking for in the search engines. We study to understand the keywords they might not be ranking for as well. Keyword research helps us know how your target audience looks for your products and services.

Content Creation and Optimization

The next step after determining the specific keywords that buyers are searching for in your local city, we create high-quality content around those keywords. Content, in this case, could be videos and pages on your business website. When it comes to content optimization, our SEO specialists ensure that the keywords are placed in specific areas of the content. This includes the meta description and page titles.

Building Local Links

In the world of search engine optimization, links act as the votes for a website. Through online citation development, we ensure there’s consistent and accurate information about your business in online business directories. We use the information we get from the previous competition research to gain links, thereby giving your business site a boost. We’re committed to ensuring that there are more links from relevant websites to your site.

Our Local SEO Services will provide you with a targeted online marketing approach that will position your business on search engines so you can be found by potential customers in your local City. So let us fine-tune your business website and have your business listed in online directories.

At Next Up SEO, we first understand your goals and the results you’re looking for before sculpting a customized, local search campaign for your business. Let us help you achieve higher visibility and build a strong online presence for your business. We’re here to improve your traffic and increase your exposure so you can get more leads.

It’s time your business got where you’ve always wanted it to be. Contact us today.